Evgeny Shvarov · Oct 5, 2018

Developer Community October 2018 Release

Hi, Community!

It's October! And we have DC October 2018 release here!

What's cool?

  • Performance on creation and editing posts
  • Member's analytics
  • Copy-n-paste Image support in editor
  • Better highlighting for ObjectScript.

See the details inside!

Modified Members Page

Introduced more stats on Members page (Answers, Accepted answers) and added a few sorting options:

Member page now has analytics

As you know we gather DC analytics in DeepSee. 

With this release, we introduced a link to a member's analytics on posts performance. Let's see how it works:

Fix Editor Performance

This was a pain: Create New Post and Edit Post commands could take up to 20-30 sec. Now it is 2-3 sec. 

Better Images Support in Editor

Now you can copy and paste images to the editor. E.g. like that:

Better Object Script highlighting 

Let's test it:

And as you can see, it works!

Class Ideal.ObjectScript

Parameter Version = 1.0;

ClassMethod HelloWorld() As %String
    return "Hello World!"

ClassMethod SystemInfo() As %String
    return $zv

ClassMethod WriteToDevice()
    write "The version of the class: "_..#Version,!
    write "The version of the system: "_..SystemInfo()


Also, we solved a bunch of small problems, fixed a few bugs and introduced some new).

See the full list of September 2018 solved tasks.

And see the October 2018 plan and introduce your own requests. 

Stay tuned!

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