· May 16, 2017

Developer Community Meetups

Hi, Community!

We are starting  InterSystems Developer Community meetups:  events to discuss InterSystems technology in person.

This would be 2-3 hours evening events to meet and discuss the best practices, new features, share experience regarding implementation of InterSystems technologies and products.

Besides free discussion and networking there would be 3-4 sessions delivered by InterSystems engineers. Local partners are very welcome to participate as speakers too!

Join InterSystems Meetup group in Cambridge and come to our first meetup in Cambrdige, MA on 22nd of June. 

Join InterSystems Meetup group New York and come to the meetup, it would be introduced this summer.

If you want InterSystems Developer Meetup in your city please contact me or write the comment to this post.

Please provide your ideas on topics you want to discuss on the meetup in comments to this post.

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