· Jan 4, 2019

Developer Community December 2018 Release

Hi Community!

Want to share with you what do we in a new December release on Developer Community!

In short, we have three new features:

  • Groups combined with tags as Group tags,
  • Social media sharing enhancements,
  • enhancements for moderation.

See the details below.

Groups and tags

For a long time, we had some confusion with groups and tags. E.g. we had Group Caché and a tag Caché, we had an Atelier group and Atelier tag.

That was confusing as if you want to follow Caché posts you should subscribe Caché group and Caché tag.

Another issue was that if you want to post the question about working in Atelier with InterSystems IRIS you had to choose only one group (Atelier or IRIS), and put Atelier or IRIS as a tag.

With the current release, both issues are solved. 

All the InterSystems products and services are Group tags now and you can put more than one group tag for the post (e.g. IRIS and Atelier) and you have only one tag to subscribe for Caché or Atelier or InterSystems IRIS posts.

And tags are not mandatory now, but you need to put at least one Group tag.

Social media sharing

A lot of DC members reported that often images look bad when sharing links to DC articles on social networks e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn. We fixed it with this release, so you can share DC posts in social networks in a beautiful way and you are very welcome to do that!

Moderation enhancements

I hope you don't see spam posts on the site and in your emails. That's because of the hard work of our DC moderators team! Thank you mods! And we keep introducing new enhancements to let mods work more effectively. With this release, we introduced members statuses and better notifications for moderators.

Here is what we did with this December 2018 release

And here is what we plan for January 2019 release.

Please feel free to add your wishes and bug reports!

Stay tuned!

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