· Aug 5, 2018

Developer Community August 2018 Release

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to update you with the DC new features came with August release. 

In August we have Answer-to-Comment conversion, better posts moderation and new design tweaks.

1. Answer-to-Comment and Comment-to-Answer conversion

Often we post a comment and it turns out that it was a good answer to the question. And in opposite we may post an answer accidentally which is a comment request for details in fact. 

Now it is fixable! The author of the answer can convert it to comment if it had child  thread of comments they all go as child for a new comment. Same thing for converting comments to answers.

You can convert an Answer to a Comment via special button in the right corner of the Answer which is available for your answers only (of course). See the screenshot:

Please use this feature to convert your comment-answers to answers and we will reduce the amount of unanswered questions on DC dramatically.

2. Better Moderation

We improved the moderation system on DC significantly in July so spammers will not disturb you any more, at least by emails. I will not provide the full details of the algorithm just to not simplify spammers life. Please report if will find something weird on not working properly here.

3. New Design

We updated the look and feel of DC's menu, search and main page so it looks better, better highlights other InterSystems online services for developers (Documentation and Learning) and even a little faster. Hope you like it.

4. Minor changes and bug fixes

There were a few cosmetic changes, several bugs solved and a few new introduced ;). You can see the details on solved project n this July DC Project.

Here is the next project for August. Don't hesitate to add your suggestions and bug-reports via issues to DC repository.

Thank you for your attention and contribution to DC!

Stay turned!

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