· Dec 27, 2020

Companies' Services on Open Exchange

Good day, Developer Community!

As you know we have Company listings on Open Exchange. It lets publishing Open Exchange applications on behalf of companies so one can check which solutions in certain industries are being provided by companies.

Sometimes people are also looking for qualitative and proven implementation or consulting services on InterSystems products: IRIS, Caché, Ensemble, or HealthShare.

And recently we introduced a new option on Open Exchange to list the services your company provides related to InterSystems technology: implementation, consulting etc.

How to do that?

Open your company profile in the Services tab and create a service. Choose the type of service and give a description of what the service is about and why it is worth ordering it. Instructions.

Then publish the service by sending it for approval.

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 16 24 36

Once the service is published all the visitors of your company profile can see the information about the service and contact you using the button “I’m interested”.

Example one, two, three.

When one clicks “I’m interested” you get the notification of an Open Exchange member who is looking for your service along with the contacts.

Open Exchange sends the email notification of the new service published to all the Open Exchange subscribers (about 1,000 emails).

Let us know if you have any questions.


With this version of Open Exchange, you being asked about the country your company operates in. This helps users use the country filter while looking for solutions and services.


We invite all the companies which provide services related to InterSystems technology to list the services on InterSystems Open Exchange!

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