Evgeny Shvarov · Jul 23, 2017

Community Members' Analytics

Hi, Community!

We introduced the new dashboard which shows the stats on members' articles, questions, and answers.

Hope it would help you to find the authors you would like to follow and find interesting posts you could miss.

E.g. this gif shows how to find authors and their articles which gathered the maximum number of views and rating:



Or you can see what are the most interesting questions on Atelier in 2017. VPP Context shows views-per-post within the current filter and VPP Absolute shows views-per-post for this author for all the history.


And also you can check the rating of answers for particular questions (e.g. Ensemble) and subscribe to the member's postings:



And here is how you can find this dashboard. Click on Community Analytics menu, then Authors folder and Authors Analytics dash:


The dashboard made with InterSystems DeepSee, MDX2JSON, and DeepSeeWeb renderer.

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