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· Mar 23, 2023

Caché and Ensemble Maintenance Releases

InterSystems is committed to providing high quality product support to customers for all products, new and old.   As products age – Caché is now 25 – that support will evolve.

InterSystems IRIS was released in 2018 and it is the successor to Caché and Ensemble.  Many Caché/Ensemble customers have migrated to IRIS or have plans to do so in the next few years.  Customers continuing to use Caché or Ensemble should be aware of the following important announcement:

Caché/Ensemble maintenance releases will continue for the next 4 years - through Q1 of 2027. No Caché/Ensemble maintenance releases are planned after March 31, 2027. 

These maintenance releases will address critical defects, security vulnerabilities, and newer versions of Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), at our discretion.  We do not plan maintenance releases for other platforms.    (The vast majority of our remaining Caché / Ensemble customers run on Windows or RedHat.) 

Our plan is to provide a maintenance release every twelve months, plus additional security releases as needed. (see speeding up and becoming more predictable: updates to our release cadence).

We are not announcing an end date for product support for Caché or Ensemble.  InterSystems will continue to provide support under existing support or subscription agreements at the same response level as all other products.

In addition, consistent with long-standing policy, Ad Hoc corrections will be provided on a best-effort basis for all Caché and Ensemble platforms.  Corrections (not features) will be back-ported to existing Caché/Ensemble releases at our discretion, based on risk and/or complexity.  Our intent is always to do our best to help our customers.

If you have a question, please contact (VP, Client Services) or your Sales Account Manager.

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