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· Apr 10, 2023

April 10, 2023 - Alert: ECP Client Instability

InterSystems has corrected a defect that can result in Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP) client instability under rare conditions.

The defect exists in the following products and any InterSystems offerings based on them.

Impacted versions are 2022.1.x, 2022.2, and 2022.3:

InterSystems IRIS®

InterSystems IRIS for Health

HealthShare® Health Connect

Impacted version is 2022.2 (only for customers deploying ECP):

InterSystems HealthShare®

The issue can only occur on ECP client systems. When this issue is triggered, processes may experience a <SYSTEM> or <DATABASE> error. Following the error, the ECP client experiences instability; in some cases, the instance may hang. There is no impact to data and the ECP data server is unaffected.

To clear the instability, you must restart the ECP client instance.

If you have an impacted instance of IRIS, IRIS for Health, or Health Connect, the remediation is to upgrade to either version 2023.1 or 2022.1.3, both of which will be released shortly.

If you have an impacted instance of HealthShare, a separate set of alert documentation with remediation recommendations will be released shortly.

The correction for the defect is identified as TR1162 and will be included in all future versions of InterSystems IRIS®, InterSystems IRIS for Health™, and HealthShare® Health Connect as well as any InterSystems products based on them.

The correction is also available via Ad hoc distribution.

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.

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