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Add Pivot Definition for dataset-finance in Online Demo

I participate in InterSystems Datasets Contest. I created dataset-finance and analyze-dataset-finance apps along with Online Demo.

The username is _SYSTEM and password is SYS. I created an online demo with a pretty dashboard here:

 I wanted to create my own pivot table and went to regular management portal:

 We can access Analyzer in USER namespace directly:$NAMESPACE=USER

 It should automatically open the finance cube and display that there are 2007 rows in the underlying table.

I click Open. I choose Generated-finance in the left column (folders) and listing for finance in the right column (pivot definitions). Now I see detail listing instead of just the count.

I double click CategoryD under Dimensions on the left. CategoryD goes into Rows and Categories are displayed and the count of transactions per Category. I double click Credit and Debit under Measures on the left to see the total credits and debits instead of count as Measures. Then I select a specific month under TranDateD dimension and drag it into Filters on top right. Now I see debits and credits per Category for the selected month.

I click the wrench icon to specify Pivot Options. I check the Summary checkbox before I click Apply and OK. At the bottom of the Categories I can now see a Total for all categories. Click Save As to save this pivot definition. I can type a new name to save this pivot definition in a new folder.

I invite you to play with my demo and create more pivots. If you like it, please vote here:

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