Oliver Wilms · May 30 1m read

About test-data app

My team works on an IRIS interoperability solution which is running on Red Hat OpenShift container platform. I want to test how many messages can be processed by the running webgateway pods and compute pods with data being stored in the mirrored data pods.

In order to push IRIS out of its comfort zone, I deployed multiple feeder containers and scheduled tasks on each feeder to send a load of messages at the same time. To get to the next level of testing, I want to have multiple types of test files available on demand. I created test-data app to be able to request large numbers of multiple types of files be generated.

Some of my early testing depended on copying a sample file and processing it. That worked well with one copy at a time. In order to get many copies of the same sample file, MakeFile function takes a sample file, saves a copy and renames it with unique timestamp name. MakeFiles function has a parameter for the number of files to make.

I found a sample production that had delimited and fixed with recordmaps as input and output. I included it in my app and added a transformation to manipulate test data files. In this case, I replace the Social Security Number in the test file with one that is generated in a class method and it is incremented for each file.

I want to review the data that was in test files after processing and I like to see an ordered series of numbers rather than random numbers.

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