Jeffrey Fried · Sep 10, 2019

2019.1.1 preview is available for InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health, and HealthShare Health Connect

Preview kits are now published via the WRC's preview download site for:

  • InterSystems IRIS 2019.1.1
  • InterSystems IRIS for Health 2019.1.1
  • HealthShare Health Connect 2019.1.1

The build number for these releases is 2019.1.1.608.0.


This is a maintenance release and includes changes in a number of areas, as described in the online documentation here.

It also includes three new features, described in the online documentation here:

  • Support for the InterSystems API Manager,
  • In-place conversion from Caché and Ensemble to InterSystems IRIS
  • X12 element validation.


This release also adds support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, in addition to the previously supported platforms detailed in the Supported Platforms document.

Preview releases allow our customers to get an early start working with new features and functionality.   They are supported for development and test purposes, but not for production.  

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