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InterSystems Tech Article Contest: 🐍 Python Edition 🐍

Detailed rules

InterSystems Tech Article Contest: 🐍 Python Edition 🐍

Welcome to the 3rd InterSystems technical article writing competition!  

Write an article on any topic related to the usage of Python with InterSystems technologies from June 20 to July 20.

👉 Full contest details here.


❗️ Any article written during the contest period and satisfying the requirements below will automatically enter the competition:

  • The article must be related to the usage of Python with InterSystems technologies (Embedded Python or Python API).
  • The article must be in English.  
  • The article must be 100% new (it can be a continuation of an existing article).  
  • The article cannot be a translation of an article already published in other communities.  
  • The article must contain DC tag(s): Python or Embedded Python tags (depending on your topic).
  • Article size: 750 words (links and code are not counted towards the word limit).  
  • Multiple entries from the same author are allowed. 
  • Articles on the same topic from different authors are allowed.

[NEW] Bonuses

If the article satisfies some additional requirements listed here, it gets additional Expert votes.

Contest period & voting

June 20 - July 20 Publication of articles and voting time (both for Experts and DC members). 

❗️ DC members can vote for published articles with Likes = votes.


1. Prizes for everyone who enters the contest:

🎁 InterSystems Branded Apple AirTag

🎁 InterSystems Branded Rubik's 9-Panel Cube

2. Expert Awards – articles will be judged by InterSystems experts:

🥇 1st place: Apple AirPods Max

🥈 2nd place: Apple Watch SE

🥉 3rd place: Apple HomePod mini / Apple Pencil

3. Developer Community Award – article with the most likes:

🎁 Apple HomePod mini or Apple Pencil 

To read and discuss the rules, topics & bonuses, go to:
 Contest Announcement 
✓ InterSystems Discord Chat

June 19 - July 20, 2022