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A late comment on Cache security.

Installers are tempted to use "minimal security" instead of "standard" when installing Cache. I suggest always use "standard", change default passwords, etc. You should figure out Cache security before installation, rather than trying to jam more security in later, otherwise admin will be more pain.

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Vijay - As you were suggesting it seems like COS might be the most efficient way to quickly validate HL7. I've written simple checking scripts but as you know HL7 has some significant variations.

Tom Fitzgibbon | 347-464-8531 |

HealthShare built with Ensemble and Cache. HealthShare appeals to RHIOs, HIEs, providers, payers and managed care organizations, health information networks. Developers use InterSystems HealthShare® to share health information, collaborate for better, safer care, and to create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

It's a little dated but look at

Ensemble is a platform supporting a diverse set of applications, not just healthcare.  See:

Tom Fitzgibbon | 347-464-8531

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