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My 2c on this, and maybe I am missing something or do not know how to use these VSCode extensions correctly.
The single source of truth principle can't really be applied when using these extensions, as BPLs, transformations, and rulesets should still be edited in the Management Portal or in Studio.

Because there is not a sync functionality, I have seen devs overwriting changes on BPLs, etc., when they import and compile from VSCode. You have to explicitly export it on the server explorer.

Please correct me if I'm mistaking.

Just to keep you informed.

I did a few tests. The more columns selected, the slower the output is, and quite significantly.

Thanks. I do not need a sample. I was just hoping I do not have to code it. But it is simple enough to do.

It is the per process memory where the limitation comes in I think. If you do that test with limited per process memory, it might be a different story. It may even be a difference in how files are handled within Cache on Windows vs. Unix.

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