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Yes, %Service_Console service is enabled and unauthenticated check box is checked.

It was working and I have not changed anything in the Cache configuration .

Is Cache terminal is depend on Windows telnet service?

When I tried to connect localhost from Studo->Utilities->Telnet, I got the below information:

Access Denied: Specified user is not a member of TelnetClients group.
Server administrator must add this user to the above group.
 Telnet Server has closed the connection
 <Session disconnected>

Dear John,

Thanks for help.

Yes, I am using Cache on Windows server. Cache cube is showing blue after startup and I am able to open the studio and SMP.

But, when I am trying to open Terminal, it is starting and after fraction of time it's getting closed.  and the text showing as:

 Terminal Tile: Cache TRM: pid # (Cache)

Node: WIN-GFV5BOBV5P6 (cache.ids), Instance: CACHE
Access Denied


Cache startup and shutdown is working perfectly fine. Also, I tried to restart the windows but it's doesn't help.

Let me know, if you need any other details.


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