Hi Shvarov,

Thanks for the answer, article really helps.

But the problem is, I have a database which is in Spanish or in Chinese, now I want to send the data to 3rd party application but those 3rd party applications use English as their base language.
Now task is too convert the database outgoing feed to English language.


Hey Ed,


This translation includes two things :

1. Translate the data in English (which user enters in text fields in their native language like spanish etc. ) while passing to downstream application.

2. On UI part, we have a dictionary available at database level which stores the Label Titles in English language, now lets say if we deploy this application in Ireland or in some other country then these labels needs to be translated in their native language.



Paras Batheja.

Both ,

There are downstream applications where we need to send the data in English,  so need to convert the data as well from native language to English language.




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