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When I have no "yellow box" during debugging MAC or CLS code in Cache studio I switch studio to INT code by CTRL + Shift + V

Or by mouse click View / View Other Code

Then press F11 and "yellow box" is here.

I'll work around it by switching the studio to INT code tracing. 

Keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + v

You can use ReplaceAll method if we have RegEx.

 set a="<Name>ABC</Name><RollNo>45</RollNo><Name>XYZ</Name><RollNo>66</RollNo><Name>xyz</Name><RollNo>89</RollNo>"
 set matcher = ##class(%Regex.Matcher).%New("(?i)(<rollno>)([^<]+)",a)
 write matcher.ReplaceAll("$1***")
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