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Hi Murillo,

I have repeated the steps that you have described. The export of the components of the production is of just the items that you specify - so the project file, which is a list of pointers, and not the things pointed to by the project file. If you want to create an XML file that contains all of the items pointed to within the project you should export it from Studio. You can do that from the Tools >> Export... menu item, or by right clicking on the Project file in the Workspace and selecting Export.

The original report suggests it was a problem in Ensemble 2016.1 but I tested with Ensemble 2016.3 and it appeared to be OK. I found the problem with HealthShare 2017.1 and it is documented as fixed in Ensemble 2017.2. I tested in HealthShare 2017.2.1 and it works correctly.

It appears that there was a bug in the export method which meant that the deployment export file included just the contents of the project file and not the items referenced in the project file. This has now been fixed but it affects the HealthShare version that Murillo is using and which I had also tested with.

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