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That command isn't available and versions are held in the Windows Registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Intersystems\IRIS\Configurations\{configuration}).

This is set up when you install an instance/configuration and shouldn't be edited.


As far as I recall this isn't logged at the point the status becomes "dead" only when cleaned up.

We once wrote a scheduled task that looks for and logs these processes using IsGhost() as they can sit there a while waiting to be cleaned up at times.

There is a mention in the IRIS documentation that says these are logged to the Event Log but I am not sure what happens if you aren't using Interoperability or Productions in IRIS, I suspect there is no logging then as it is part of Production Monitoring.


As Eduard suggests, you need to know the class that the pInput object is derived from as it doesn't seem to be a valid Stream if .Size fails.

It also looks like you might be expecting a file as you retrieve the name so why not use the %File class if the file already exists.

In fact, noting how you get the Filename using the Attributes method this looks like the pInput object is a response with content which means the actual stream will be in pInput.Content

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