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Could "docker commit" help out as an image snapshot that you can simply resume later. 

Would an image saved to tar or pushed to a repo make itteration portable also?

More simpler for a stopped container locally is to just start it again? Assuming the container is allowed to cache and not too much time has passed to allow the space to have been automatically reclaimed.

Hi Phillip,

This can be done locally and depending on access, remotely also.

From a windows host running commands against a Linux Database can use a file for example: SC_ImportBase.txt

Could use os authentication but including credentials as an example for what is possible:

cd /tmp; sudo -u irisowner iris session Instance -U "USER" << EOF

zn "USER"
set schedule=##class(ompare.Schedule).%New()
set schedule.Environment="BASELABDB"
set schedule.Namespaces="APPONE,INTEG-*"
set schedule.RunSourceHandlers=0
set schedule.ExportToFile=0
set schedule.ExportDirectory="/home/irisowner/SourceCompare"
set schedule.ImportDirectory="/home/irisowner/SourceCompare"
set schedule.ImportFromFile=1
set schedule.ReImportUpdatedFiles=0
set schedule.DeleteImportedFiles=0
set schedule.RetainExportDays=1
set schedule.EnableLogging=0
set schedule.IncludeSourceCode=1
set schedule.RetainSigSrcHistoricVersions=-1
set schedule.BackupSourceCode=0
set schedule.Debug=1
set schedule.OverwriteSourceOnReLoad=1
Do:\$NAMESPACE="USER" schedule.OnTask()
W !,"Completed"

And can launch this script against a remote Linux instance using plink from a local batch file:

"%cmdPLINK%" -v account@10.123.456.789 -pw %LinuxPass% -m "%cmdBase%scr\SC_ImportBase.txt" > "%cmdBase%out\SC_ImportBasePlink.log"


cmdPLINK = C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe
LinuxPass = LinuxPass
cmdBase = Local Directory with source commands and for screen output log

Hope this gives some ideas.

Great spot @Timothy Leavitt 

Extra syntax sugar, can project as method expression to make more transparently embedded.

ClassMethod makeComplement(As %String) As %String [CodeMode = expression]

Also I believe Java lacks convenience of compile time ObjectScript macros:

#define DNAComplement(%dna) $tr(%dna,"ATGC","TACG")

Write $$$DNAComplement("ATC")
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