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You should definitely store your storage schema in VCS. When you first compile and install your solution into an environment, it doesn't really matter -- as you said, storage will be generated automatically during compilation. However, this will cause major issues when you'll have to upgrade your environment to a newer version of your class and keep the data.

If you had a class definition in Version 1 of your system with properties Address, Zipcode your storage schema will look like


Try to add Recurse="true" to your import statement:


 <Import File="${SourceFile}" Recurse="true"/>

All subscripts will be calculated before merge command will start global merge, so looks like you hit this command several (at least 2) times within a second. Since you don't have $JOB as a subscript or data node it also could be that it's done from different processes.

On the other hand, it's considered a good code practice to assign $h to a variable somewhere at the top of the method, and use that variable instead of $h throughout the code.

Consider this code for example: