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There are a number of reasons for it.  

One that comes to mind, for example, is if your user accounts expire, (also perhaps, if you just forgot passwords, or there is some other user authentication issue) -  you will not be able to get into Cache to extend the expiry date, effectively - you will be locked out.

Starting Cache in Emergency Access Mode will allow you to specify a one-time, single-use account you can use to log into Cache, then into security settings, and, re-enable those account that should no longer be disabled.

Thank you for all the replies.

I'll take all comments on board, and attempt to set this up myself.




Upcoming 'Show Inherited' feature will definitely be welcome - thanks, and, using ctrl+space to invoke intellisense to get a list of options for class elements such as: indices, properties, methods, XData elements, Foreign Keys, Projections and Queries  does cover a lot of what is apparently missing..

I have not - however, been able to use the ctrl+<space> to list out options for Parameter of a class.

I have not managed to get Atelier to show me the parameters of a property type, (like MAXLEN, etc)

Hi Vitaliy,

Can you please elaborate ?  Are you saying that Atelier does this already, and if so - what version are you using and how do I get to view this information ?



Hi Ryan,

The message that you pass to your SOAP-based business operation should (as you indicated in your 3rd bullet point), contain both the extracted HL7 data, and the authorization key you retrieved from the previous step.

I'm assuming your SOAP Business operation you are using in the last step has been automatically generated by the Studio wizards, so, you will have a Class Method for each web method of your SOAP service.

You need to edit the default generated versions of these methods the wizard gives you, in order to add your SOAP Header.

Hi Mike

Have you tried setting up a Credentials  record with username and password pair in Ensemble  (Configure>Credentials) - then specifying the credentials name in Settings for the Ensemble u business operation ?

This has worked for me before for Web services that require basic authentication.



Hi Scott,

As far as I'm aware, you do not need a license to use the DeepSee User Portal, as long as you don't need to use DeepSee Cubes, or DeepSee Queries (which needs to be licensed).

So if the information you want to present in a DeepSee User Portal type dashboard, can be sought directly via SQL Queries, etc - you can use iether:

Yes this is a great feature to have.

Just a small clarification. To enable the alternative component to run, you need to select it (now it's configuration settings show up) and Enable it from settings

Enabling the alternative component automatically disable the previous running version and starts the one that currently selected (the one in the drop down).