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Unpack IAM-0.34-1-1.tar.gz first. Docker image is inside this archive

You need to return Status from this method.

Everything that you write inside this method is placed inside element

Method override(
    proxy As %SOAP.ProxyDescriptor,
    tag As %String) As %Status
   Write "<request>hi</request>",!
   Quit 1

Not possible to do this in Query. You need to use dynamic SQL.

Symbol ":" is used to indicate host variables. Host variables are treated as expressions, not as identifiers.

During query compilation host variables are replaced with placeholders.

Consider query:

SELECT FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Email, UserType 
FROM DB.ExternalUsers
WHERE FirstName like :objSearch.FirstName
ORDER BY :objSearch.SortingField

This query is compiled as:

Hi Salma.

Check for files with extension LUT. They represent Lookup Tables. You can add these files to Studio Export.

Hope this helps,

Hi Matthias.

Try adding [Identity] to the attributes of property id in generated class.

Something like follows:

Property id As %Integer(EXTERNALSQLNAME = "id", EXTERNALSQLTYPE = 4) [ Identity, SqlColumnNumber = 2, SqlFieldName = ID ];

Hope this helps,

Hi Oliver.

It's hard to say what's wrong with your report, as example that you provided is not standalone -- it requires table AETMON.AvailabilityLog.

At least I think, you should change

Set var(tCount,0) = rs.%Get("availabilityStatus")
Set var(tCount,1) = rs.%Get("CreatedTime")


Jimmy, what version do you use? Try to upgrade to latest available version -- 2018.1.2 for Caché, perhaps this error is fixed there.


Log that you provided spans from March 19th 09:35 to March 20th 14:43.

Depending on moments when application was unavailable you need to look in different records of csp.log

For example,

1) Exception caught in f:csp: c0000005:4600
c0000005 is the code for an access violation.

I would advise to you to try installing latest release version of CSP Gateway, or if this error still appears there, contact InterSystems Worldwide Response Center to fix this error.