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Jimmy, what version do you use? Try to upgrade to latest available version -- 2018.1.2 for Caché, perhaps this error is fixed there.


Log that you provided spans from March 19th 09:35 to March 20th 14:43.

Depending on moments when application was unavailable you need to look in different records of csp.log

For example,

1) Exception caught in f:csp: c0000005:4600
c0000005 is the code for an access violation.

I would advise to you to try installing latest release version of CSP Gateway, or if this error still appears there, contact InterSystems Worldwide Response Center to fix this error.

Null in this case is not a reserved word. It’s just a name of variable that is not defined.

I'm getting following error, running your program on Caché 2017.2.2:

USER>do ^test
This FTP server is anonymous only.

And it works OK once I change Connect to be anonymous:

If 'ftp.Connect(host,"anonymous","",port) Write ftp.ReturnMessage,! Quit sc