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I don't have a complete answer for you, but presumably you could grab the binary stream via SQL and then save the stream do disk via the %Stream.FileBinary class interface.  We manage JPG files through that interface, but I haven't done the fetch via SQL before (so hopefully someone who has fetched a jpg via SQL could comment on that piece)

Mike - thanks for posting this for everyone's benefit!  One minor point though - is this a Question (as you created it) or an Article?  Is there anything  you are asking specifically? (I don't know that there is a way for you to change it to an article at this point but you should note the difference for next time).


xDBC clients connect with Caché over the SuperServer port.  This is 1972 on your working system.  On the one that isn't working, to find the port do the following navigation in the System Management Portal:

Menu -> Configure Memory

Look at the SuperServer port number and see what that is if it is not 1972


For a version of Caché this old (circa 2002) I strongly suggest that you contact the WRC directly for assistance (  That will be your best bet to getting your system back online as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to report back here as to the root cause and resolution for what you're seeing.



I am not sure about the "access denied" message you are seeing - perhaps Paul could comment on that.  However, to manage all of your subscriptions:

1) Log in

2) Click on My Account (top icon bar)

3) Click on the Subscriptions tab


You can send yourself a link via email using the last icon shown beneath the poster's name:

If you want to save the content as a file, just use your browser's "Save As" options to save the page to a local HTML file.

Hope that helps!


Here is a sample method which I created for a Zen Mojo project a couple of years ago:

We used Google's service for an application for a while but ended up pulling it out.  Let me know if you want me to point you to the specific code.


You might take a look at Benjamin DeBoe's iKnow demos which I believe are all sharable with customers.  They leverage REST+AngularJS (which cuts down on the JS code you have to write)+Bootstrap (which ships with Caché in 2016.1 I believe to support ZenMojo's Bootstrap flavor).  That might be a good starting point for sample code if this is a direction they are willing to explore.