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I certainly hope that the mystery parties who have been moderating that site are reaching out to Google in order to get it reinstated.  There was certainly a lot of valuable information on that site!

You can use $system.OBJ.Load() or LoadDIr() to load source from disk.

Personally, I would do this via Source Control and not via Studio.  The approach to this will depend on your source control structures, etc, but the easiest way to handle this for me would be:

1) Make sure that everything in my package was checked into my branch, e.g. /MyApp/cls/MyFirstPackage/...

2) Since my source tree is structured according to package names, I would copy /MyApp/cls/MyFirstPackage/... to /MyApp/cls/MySecondPackage/... 

3) Check in /MyApp/cls/MySecondPackage/... into source control

4) Check out /MyApp/cls/MySecondPackage/... 


See the Documatic for the following methods in %Studio.SourceControl.ISC:

classmethod Lock(Admin As %Boolean = 0) as %Status

For debugging or programmatic purposes?  If debugging / interactive you can just zwrite the variable to see the properties.

I think that may be a custom routine.  I don't recognize it as a Caché-supplied resource. 

My guess is that you are passing data somewhere as a string (because that is around the string limit). You need to use streams instead to store the uploaded file.