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I have received a stream before as follows in my WebService client:

Studio Source Control (aka Server-side Source Control hooks) are supported if you are using against DBs with version 2016.2 or greater.  If you are one one of these versions and are having issues, I suggest you contact the WRC.

For more details on using Server-side hooks with Atelier, check out this presentation from the Global Summit:


I took a quick look and the good news is that the Ensemble Management Portal is just wrapping a DS Dashboard.  This means that you can stick this in an iFrame in SharePoint (I think this is called the "Page Viewer Webpart") and point the source to the DeepSee Dashboard Viewer page with the Embed flag turned on.  E.g.  the following link works for me:


Based on your URL above, give this a try:

w $system.Version.GetNumber() will get you just the version number string

There is a huge benefit from two perspectives:

- If you need to refresh data in your Dev or Test environment, you can just grab the globals DB from Live and drop it in and not worry about overwriting any code in Dev or Test

- If you choose to deploy your code via a DB drop, you can drop in a new DB to replace the existing routines DB

NOTE - for either of these to work, you may need to map configuration into the routines DB (so you don't bring back Live config into Dev for instance)



FYI ... we will have several sessions covering this topic at the Global Summit - attend if you can, otherwise check out the material afterwards!

For internal application development within InterSystems we use a variety of approaches, but the most common is as follows:

1) We use an internally developed issue tracking system, but we plan to eventually migrate to JIRA

2) We use Perforce for all of our source control 

Brendan - I think you are missing a ( in:

    do file.WriteLine(^Global1key))


I know that customers have set this up before.  Here are some old notes that I found which may point you in the right direction.  NOTE - I have never done this myself so I con't be of much help beyond pointing out this starting point:


Here is some sample code that should help get you going in the right direction.  NOTE - the byRef LD argument is a handle for the connection to the LDAP server and it needs to be cleaned up when you're done if you're going to fetch any attributes.  

(sorry for the messed up indentation)