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I should have searched just a little longer.


I found this in Documatic for my class (inherited because it is persistent)


I took a quick look and the good news is that the Ensemble Management Portal is just wrapping a DS Dashboard.  This means that you can stick this in an iFrame in SharePoint (I think this is called the "Page Viewer Webpart") and point the source to the DeepSee Dashboard Viewer page with the Embed flag turned on.  E.g.  the following link works for me:


Based on your URL above, give this a try:


Here is some sample code that should help get you going in the right direction.  NOTE - the byRef LD argument is a handle for the connection to the LDAP server and it needs to be cleaned up when you're done if you're going to fetch any attributes.  

(sorry for the messed up indentation)


See the Documatic for the following methods in %Studio.SourceControl.ISC:

classmethod Lock(Admin As %Boolean = 0) as %Status

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Hope that helps.