Hello All,

I hope it's not a silly question. 

Here is my issue:
I have 3 simple classes:

Parent class, let's say:

Class ParentClass Extends %RegisteredObject
 Property a As %String;
and two children classes
Class A.Child Extends ParentClass
Property b As %String;

Class B.Child Extends ParentClass
Property c As %String;

So no issues - all compiles and seem to work.

But, when I add %XML.Adaptor to my parent class, so:

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I'm getting mad trying to get data from an external REST service that uses Basic Authentication from Ensemble. The BO worked fine when I was using a test server without authentification, but as soon as we need to go to production I cannot have it working.

So far, I've created the username/password at the credentials page (Ensemble-Configure-Credentials). I've setup the BO to use this credentials. But nothing happens.

I've tried with the Rest Client (addon for Mozilla), and using the same address, port and user/pwd works just fine.

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The Art of Mapping Globals to Classes (4 of 3)

The forth in the trilogy, anyone a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fan?

If you are looking to breathe new life into an old MUMPS application follow these steps to map your globals to classes and expose all that beautiful data to Objects and SQL.

If the above does not sound familiar to you please start at the beginning with the following:

The Art of Mapping Globals to Classes (1 of 3)

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New Book, Caché and MUMPS – Part II

By Paul Mike Kadow

Edited by Deborah Graham and John J. Mitchell

Go to http://cosmumps.org for a download of just the examples of the book and the table of contents.

From the Forward

     InterSystems, from a humble beginning, has grown into a worldwide company with its flagship product, Caché, leading the way.

     First, this book chronicles and explores some of the many areas InterSystems has grown into and has influenced over the years.

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