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Using the XLFOWrapper by @Attila Toth managed to twick it around to produce pdfs from stream for future reference you can visit his GitHub page or a fork repository by Tim to see the version that worked for my use case

The concept is about relationships the batch needs to be instantiated outside the loop and the record created and inserted in the loop. The batch has many records so every time we loop we add to records and then save records to a batch which was created only once

I am supposed to use the EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRoutingEngine on the process and use the following syntax to get to the property level/

Document.{Property.Property} this works

yes it possible within your rule select the rule's constraint where you reference the source where the message is coming from and then click rule and  add when  on the condition for when select document . which will allow you to use the record mapper property

Here is some code that will process your string container into lines of records that you want but you might want to change a few things to get this working with your records after converting your string container to a simple csv file you can then map it to your record mapper and process it any how.