@Julian Matthews the original project was in a non-docker environment.

But my suggestion is to put the folder Csp  in the same path that you choose in: <Default Name="APPPATH" Dir="/opt/app/" /> 

Change the /opt/app/ to whatever directory you want.

Next, you can use the class Installer.cls to create the Database, Namespace, and Web Application.

So, run the following lines of the Dockerfile in the Caché Terminal: 

Do $system.OBJ.Load("/opt/app/Installer.cls","ck")

Set sc = ##class(App.Installer).setup(,3)

Or you can also go totally Old School and create everything manually and import all classes and CSP files smiley

Let me know if you want a Studio Project in an XML format. So you can import CLS and CSP files easily using the Studio.