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Hi Rajesh,

It looks like there are few things going on here:

  1. you need to parse the csv file from the stream and it looks like the csv file contains quoted fields, and lost of trailing and leading spaces (or tabs)
  2. you need to be able to extract the relevant data element into some array or global for later processing

The following code should give some guidance in achieving what you want. 

The code is based on a simple csv file based on your question. this is the contents on the sample.csv file

If I understand your problem correctly, then all you simply need to do, is lock all three specific globals at the beginning of each process, and unlock them once you're done. This will ensure that all three globals are being worked on by the same process. 


consider the two processes below:

I wrote this function to get the Linux UTC time, which I'm pretty sure is what Redis time is showing. 


​USER>W (+$ZTS-47117*86400) + $J($P($ZTS,",",2),0,0)


> time

1) 1502473916