Soufiane Amroun · Nov 14, 2017
Claims values

Hi communauty

i work on the Oauth2 authentification patry in my application , i read a lot of documentation , but i don't know exactly what does it mean by Claims values and the method "SetClaimValue", what does it do really?

can anyone explain for me.


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Hi, team

i configure my authorization server and client and i want define access rights for different users , how can i do it?

knowing that we have our own database with different users ID and access privilege ?

is there any one who can help us? thank's

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Soufiane Amroun · Oct 30, 2017
Oauth 2.0 framework

Hi Team

i want to implement an Oauth 2.0 framework in my application , i define my connexion IHM, i want to check if the login and password are right when a user connect

do you've any idea ?


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Hi World

I've a problem when in extract a float value from my database

the problem is that i get an interger instead of float.

my record is 2,56 but when i do a select , the request extract only 2

can you have a solution for it.

thank you

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Soufiane Amroun · Oct 6, 2017
sending mail alert

Hi world, i work on my business process and i meet a problem:

i want to send mail alert to the patient when he misses take his temperature measure

in the method for checking if the measure is missed or no , i want to integrate my code wich allows me to trig an alert an send a mail reminder to the patient .

Do you have any idea how doing it .


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Hi , i have a JSON record as follow {value1,value2, value3}

i want to write my switch statement in this form:

<switch> my value
<case> value1</case>

is there any possibility to extract values from JSON record and put them in a switch statement?


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