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the class documentation has a special warning:

The table for this class should be manipulated only through object access,
the published API's or through the System Management Portal.
It should not be updated through direct SQL access.


As Security is a sensitive subject I think any other approach could cause serious damage or at least a risk.

An upgrade from Caché to Ensemble is not foreseen. 

Install ENSEMBLE in parallel to Caché and include your Caché Databases to Ensemble as you need.  

Attention: Ensemble is always running in Unicode!

You find it in 



I found it by searching some  Webserver Port with regedit.exe 

the popular use of is INTERACTIVE.

But there is a BATCH option:   

1) Manage Batches
2) Run a Batch
3) Restart a Batch
4) Add Processes to a running Batch
5) Stop a Running batch
6) Monitor Running Batch
7) Batch Report
8) Exit
Option? 1
1) Create a Batch
2) Edit a Batch
3) List Batches
4) Delete a Batch
5) Exit

I never used it myself.

OK !
They look rather similar.


  • Process Private Globals are "unlimited". 
    Clear there is a physical limit, but it's far away compared to local variables.
  • PPGs are best suited as Storage location + Index location of temporary tables.
    Without limit as any ordinary Global. 

So it depends on your needs.



it's not related to ENS . the error is pure HTTP

<Ens>ErrHTTPStatus: Received non-OK status 404 from remote HTTP server: 'HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found':<html>

simply tells you that your URL is wrong.

try it in browser to verify it exists

the most simple solution could be the use of Device 2 (SPOOL) that moves the output into ^SPOOL Global