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I knew I'd find it as soon as I posted. I just did a $$$LOGINFO("string")

FWIW, I ended up creating  a custom method that turned out to be very easy and used the method as a function in my routing rule:

Solved. I added a code statement as the first line of my DTL as follows:

 set target = ##class(EnsLib.HL7.Message).ImportFromString(source.SchedulingData)
 set target.DocType = ##class(EnsLib.HL7.Schema).ResolveSchemaTypeToDocType("2.3.1","SIU_S12",tSC)

This loaded my HL7 class with the message from my SQL table field.

Thanks to David for steering me in the right direction.

It's an external database, I have the java gateway service up and running. I just want to go into ensemble, start the service and have it run through my database once and stop. I update a processed flag in the database, so the next pass won't pick up already read records.  Right now I have the call interval set to 86400, so it will run every two days, which would be ok, but really not needed.

The second approach (set context.NewID=$EXTRACT("0000000000"_context.PatientID,*-9,*)) worked great. When I checked the documentation for the $JUSTIFY, it doesn't say you can specify your pad character.

Looked like only spaces to me: $JUSTIFY(expression,width[,decimal])

I did as mentioned by David and Eduard above. I have one small problem.  When I go to edit a rule or constraint, I get the following error. It is still looking for my old production name:


Thanks, the piece I was missing was creating the link table to the external table. I set that up and now I can access my external database as if it were local.