I got reply from my sale engineer.  The answer is IRIS will not support C++ any more.  I have to think what to do.

Very bad luck.


Yes, I took windows' cache 2017's odbc library and run the code again iris 2020.1 using your example, it works.

Now the question is if I can continue using my code compiled with cache 2017 for iris?

I don't know docker almost.  It is hard to follow your example.  I don't know how to install g++, vim, make on the docker container.  So I gave up.  But you indeed gave me light.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much!  I will study your reply and get back to you.

With Cache, cpp can be used to access databases on a different machine.  If callin doesn't allow that, then iris callin is not a replacement of cache cpp.  So our c++ program will not be able to be upgraded with IRIS.

I made it work and realized callin has no way to connect to iris on a different machine?

am I wrong?  I hope so.