Hello Lee,

I would suggest contacting the WRC at support@intersystems.com and work with us to resolve this issue.

The Shared Storage calculated definitions are stored in a global, while the subject area definition is stored as a class (for example Class HoleFoods.SubjectAreaAsia Extends %DeepSee.SubjectArea)

I also really like the fact that you linked a live demo that users can easily access!

Very nice @Henrique Dias!
It would be nice to add the country's population to your dataset and toggle the charts/maps to show it by vaccinations as % of the population.  It will show a complete different leaderboard  

This is exciting! Can't wait to see what our developer community comes up with!!

Hello Joao,

You should be able to edit the linked table's class definition, but reimporting it should be the safest approach.

Please note that linked tables don't actually persist the data locally, but simply define the metadata for the remote table.

I would suggest backing up your linked table class definition first.



Hi Kevin,

If you can't add it as a Stored Procedure to your detail listing definition or a Custom listing, KPI Actions might be your best bet.

Please feel free to work with the WRC on this and we will be happy to look at your specific use case with you.