Hi Brian,

Could you please with below code.


Class Sample.TempUtil Extends %RegisteredObject

ClassMethod GetSecondUpperCase(pInput As %String) As %String
 ;w ##class(Sample.TempUtil).GetSecondUpperCase("GetSecondUpperCase")
 SET stsrtpos=$LOCATE(pInput,"[[:upper:]]{1}",2)
 SET endpos=$LOCATE(pInput,"[[:upper:]]{1}",(stsrtpos+1))
 SET result=$EXTRACT(pInput,stsrtpos,(endpos-1))
 quit result



Muni Ganesh


As per my understanding "Native API" in IRIS is useful for cross platform like JAVA,Dot Net and Python technologies to exchange the data from IRIS instance,but I do not think any advantage of calling a class method of one IRIS instance from different instance of IRIS by using Native API.

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in response, I have been far to the computer for few days, that's why I could not respond on this.

Regarding this post,  I have checked with our admin team they said that they keep last 2 days journal files after that those files will be purged. As per my understanding the global has been killed more than 10 days back , so I can't do anything to retrieve the global.

Thanks for all your replies, I will try all your suggestions just for my knowledge .


Muni Ganesh G

Hi Dmitriy,

Thanks for your response. I will check with the information provided by you and let you know.

Hi Ewan,

Slightly I have modified you query, its working fine.

&sql(SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(CONVERT(CHAR(16),DATEADD(mi,1,STUFF(STUFF(STUFF(STUFF(201906192359,11,0,':'),9,0,' '),5,0,'-'),8,0,'-')),120),'-',''),' ',''),':','') into :OutVal)


We are using %Net.FtpSession to upload the file to SFTP, you can try with this.

Hi Raj,

I just tried answer for your question, I have given the code  below. I hope it helps you.


   set array=[]
   set obj = {}
   set obj.title="For Whom the Bell Tolls"
   set obj.author="Hemmingway"
   do array.%Push(obj)    

   set obj = {}
   set obj.title="The Invisible Man"
   set obj.author="Ellison"
   do array.%Push(obj)    

   set obj = {}
   set obj.title="Tender is the Night"
   set obj.author="Fitzgerald"
   do array.%Push(obj)    

 set arraylen=0 
 set iter = array.%GetIterator()
   while iter.%GetNext() {
      set arraylen=$I(arraylen)
   set MainObj={}
   set MainObj.results=arraylen
   set MainObj.items=array


{"results":3,"items":[{"title":"For Whom the Bell Tolls","author":"Hemmingway"},{"title":"The Invisible Man","author":"Ellison"},{"title":"Tender is the Night","author":"Fitzgerald"}]}


Hi Evgeny,

Wow !! superb, its working now, thank you very much.

Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your response. I tried given  command, but I am getting error response as below. Could you please suggest me if I doing something wrong.