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Okay, I found my error. Somehow my catch-all construction had become empty instead of triggering an Ens.Alert....

I figured out there is a function called SendFormDataURL where you can include the tURL as the first parameter:

Ok, I figured it out. Turns out I had to set the context of the business rule to BusinessProces.Context (and context with a capital C). The business rule then detected all my context variables when filling out the rules. Importantly I found that if you return a string value you must include "" and when you return a boolean you must use 0 or 1 (true or false doesn't work). Here is the code i used:

Thanks for your input. So it is a compilation problem and not an import problem. I tried some of your suggestions and added the (unsuccessful) results to the starting post.

Ow that's pretty stupid smiley

Thanks for the quick feedback!

I got it to work. Clearing the values from the production didn't work because an empty string was left behind in the production file. So I went to studio and deleted the parameter settings there.

When I then viewed the production (and reloading it) via the management portal the settings specified in the system default settings then turned green. Apparently there is some color coding going on:

Setting name:

Green -> provided via class definition

Blue -> Provided via system default settings

Thanks! We just needed to install the certificates on the web server and not in InterSystems. Being able to configure SSL / TLS as a server with appropriate clients is somewhat confusing here because that can't be used for the web server and was also not clear from the documentation.