WRC helped answer this:


Here is the code to build into your TablePane form:


ClientMethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
myVar1 setInterval(zenPage.IntervalRefresh,1000);

ClientMethod IntervalRefresh() [ Language = javascript ]

var table zenPage.getComponentById('TableName');
//Optional if Snapshot is used

Note that the line table.executeQuery() is only required if your TablePane uses snapshot mode



Here are a couple more hints:

1) Review your code for $$$LOGINFO,  $$$LOGWARNING, $$$LOGERROR and $$$TRACE statements. Remove those that might have been useful during development and testing

2) If you create temporary globals make sure they are mapped to CACHETEMP

3) Depending on the nature of your application is there transactional data that can be summarized for future analysis and purge the original class data. For example: I have a production that processes Pharmacy Prescriptions. When I unpack the HL7 OMP message I create a hierarchy of parent-child classes objects that consisting of data from the HL7 message as well as  chunk of of other data, flags, etc... Once the order has been processed most of this data becomes irrelevant and so I extract the salient data, Patient ID, Prescription ID, Item Code, Quantities ordered and Quantities Dispensed and an overall Order Status. I write this to an archive class and purge the original data after 7 days.