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can you try to log using the terminal, go do "%SYS" and run the ^SECURITY command,

if your instance security is locked down, just see if the UnknownUser is enabled, and if not, enable it and restart the instance.


Hi Danillo, 

we use a similar mode to do it, 

first, you have to stop caché or Freeze it,

you can create a script to start it and add it on crontab:

su "user" -c 'csession CACHE -U %SYS "##Class(Backup.General).ExternalFreeze("","","","","",,7200,"","")"'

Then you have a list of databases you have to copy, or execute a snapshot.

in the end of the script, you have to do the ExternalThaw():

su "user" -c 'csession CACHE -U %SYS "##Class(Backup.General).ExternalThaw"'

you can verify the Status, like This:

Hi Sébastien,

i think the folowing will resolve your problem.


other thing you need to ask who is activating de ^ISCSOAP, this is a useful log, but fullfil your database with information.

the message in cconsole is to remember you this log is active.

only take care and don't keep this log active if you don't use it.