I wanted to see some alerts that occur in my Productions in a Mobile Device, I came across Pushover.net recently that although has an upfront cost  $5 you can send as many messages as you like after that, there is a 7 day free trial to check it out.

To Integrate this with a production I did the following.

Create an account and set up a device on https://pushover.net/

Record the following API Keys from the web site on the main page you will see

Your User Key   example: ueh3t7478foi3ruf2ogb3syu4fs34s

You then need to create an application I set

Name : Cache

Type : Application

And left the oter settings blank.

This will give you a 

API Token/Key  example: auh000es1aaaa7ddeb3i4jfkgwswero

I then created this class to add an operation to the production, replace your Key, token and device name int

Last comment 16 March 2018
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