Thanks to everyone for their great feedback!!

I think I used the wrong term - by "gateway" I should have used "productions"

[In System Management Portal (SMP) , GUI menu "Interoperability"-> "Configure" -> "Production"]

By "interfaces" - In IRIS command line you can run do ^SSADMIN, which has "6. Interfacing" which when selected gives me a list of "interfaces".

What is the difference between "productions" that connect systems and "interfaces" which also appear to connect systems?

That's a great reference with lots of details.

Would you happen to know what the difference between an 'interface' and an 'gateway'

I based my view on the logs I got from Node 1, Node 2 & arbiter and the timestamps.

These are some samples:


2023-01-17T15:54:56.773722+11:00 LIVEARB ISCAgent[16131]: Arbiter client error: Message read failed.

Node 1:

01/17/23-15:56:22:875 (18886) 2 [Utility.Event] Arbiter connection lost

01/17/23-15:56:23:663 (24774) 0 [Generic.Event] MirrorServer: Received new failover mode (Agent Controlled) from backup...(repeated 1 times)

Node 2:

01/17/23-15:56:23:407 (9272) 0 [Generic.Event] MirrorClient: Switched from Arbiter Controlled to Agent Controlled failover on request from primary

Yes you need a virtual IP for the mirror [set of nodes].

I recently set up a mirror using the System Management portal with:



Async member [DR]

Async member [Reporting]


The reason I would like to get the status of the IRIS arbiter process is that I had IRIS DB "freeze" recently.

On checking the logs on Primary and Backup nodes both were indicating that it lost connection to the artibiter. Both Primary and Backup nodes went into a "waiting" state so freezing the application running on IRIS. 


I'm getting 'timed out'.

Can I get the reason why?

irissqlcli -h TRAK-BASE01 -u superuser -W -p 51773
Password for superuser:
timed out

I got the SuperServer port as follows

BASE01:~ # iris list
Configuration 'BASETC'   (default)
        directory:    /trak/base/tc/iris/basetc
        versionid:    2021.
        datadir:      /trak/base/tc/iris/basetc
        conf file:    iris.cpf  (SuperServer port = 51773, WebServer = 52773)
        status:       running, since Thu Feb  2 11:29:56 2023
        state:        alert
        product:      InterSystems IRISHealth


I have installed it on my OpenSUSE test server but when it tries to connect to the trakCare server, I get "Connection Refused".

There is no firewall running on my OpenSUSE test server nor the trakCare server.
I've tested this with firewall-cmd --stat.

The trakCare server is SUSE Linux

The main comms firewall is not blocking the transmssion either.
Do you know what ports are being used between OpenSUSE test server and the trakCare server?

My python version is 3.6.5 so it looks like it is too old.

I do have an a test OpenSUSE server on Python 3.11.

Would this be allowed to connect remotely to my IRIS/trakCare DB?

If so is there anything special I would need to do this?