The problem is Data from field "when" column is in english instead of system language. I pretty sure the solution, but I dont know how to implement this. 

Yes. HealthShare is a family of products. They family includes:

It's database differs from application development platforms. Probably not an intermediate services. The services  providing itself. But gain access to complete patient records, including clinical events from all members of the care team, information from the patient’s current and previous insurance companies, and the patient’s own personal health data such as diet and fitness. The entire patient record is available on demand and presented clearly.

Set Operator is the part of Unary Operator. It's produces a Class or Set from the Operand String.

HTML Report is Print the report from Ultiview to Browser. I got the final report in Browser. Now I want to help for when I will post the URL,  get it from the Ultiview.