Several of our doc. instances were broken for a couple of days. Root cause is that we had upgraded from an unreleased version to a later unreleased version. We're going to try not to do that again. 

Here is a possible cause of the 404 error:

An IRIS REST service [or Cache REST service] supports the OPTIONS request (the CORS preflight request – used to determine whether a REST service supports CORS). This request is executed by the CSPSystem user. This user should have READ permission on any databases used by the REST service; if not, the service will respond with an HTTP 404 error.

select name from %Dictionary.CompiledClass where Super='yourclassnamehere'

True. But also, if you recompile a set of classes (e.g., by compiling a package), then we look through for dependencies like this and make sure to compile the independent class before the dependent one.

I believe the preferred option is the DependsOn class keyword.  We use this often in DeepSee, because whenever you recompile the base class on which you base your cube, you should also recompile the cube class. So the cube class  looks like this, for example:

Class DeepSee.Model.PatientsCube Extends %DeepSee.CubeDefinition [ DependsOn = DeepSee.Study.Patient ]


Also remember to change

%AbstractObject to %Library.DynamicAbstractObject


Hi Kevin,

We're certainly considering things like that. We have to work out how to apply & remember such filtering not only to search but also to browsing. We can't make any promises about dates, though, especially because we are also working on how to search across other repositories of information (such as the class reference and samples).

For now, if you have Cache (but not Ensemble) installed, you won't see the Ensemble doc. anyway, so hopefully that takes care of the concern you mention here. I hope this helps you.