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Adding the scope 'offline_access' to the 'password' grant_type generates a refresh_token in the JSON response. 

endpoint: https://{{SERVER}}:{{SSLPORT}}/oauth2/token

This is a common problem. Please bear in mind your system config is specific to you so what is described below may not be the answer.

Initially I used a 3rd party app called CNTLM and pointed Eclipse to the CNTLM process port, which points to the corporate proxy but I would no longer recommend this option as it doesn't account for passwords expiring regularly. 

Note the variable 'waittoend' and the zenPage.GetAuditLogs(RowId) method. This process builds the global that the secondary tablePane is built from. Without the return value, it is possible for the table to refresh before the global is built for the newly selected row.

There is additional documentation here .

One possible answer is the following:


To summarise, the answer is twofold:

1) Use the OnCreateResultSet event of the tablePane to get your filter value and pass it into your custom SQL. I have appended any filter values onto the end of my WHERE clause in each SQL fragment.

2) Use the 'onrefresh' event of the tablePane to call JavaScript to hide other ZEN components when the table is updated.