I don't get to the point of trying to login. As soon as Studio launches for this connection, instead of showing the logon box, it goes directly to the error. I've never connected to it from Studio, so my username/password are not saved. There is also no entry in the audit log when I try to open Studio, no event for this is being logged.

I've also tried ccontrol stop then start on the instance.

Studio settings:

  • IP address = {DNS name}
  • Port = 1972
  • Telnet port = 23
  • Web Server Port = 57700

Atelier settings:

  • Address = {DNS name}
  • Web Port = 57700

Any update on when the videos would be posted to youtube, specifically ones like the keynotes.

I'm not following you on this part:

Having real children with real parents then the parent-child relationship is incorrect on many levels - because as I said before "a parent can die" and you don't want the children records to disappear!!!!

Are you talking real life parents and children, or data? If data, in a parent/child relationship, the child record is dependent on the parent, and does not exist on it's own. If you're wanting to keep the orphaned records when the parent record is deleted, then a parent/child relationship may not be the appropriate setup. Then again, you could disable cascading deletes, at least with other db's, and I assume with Cache.

For relationships, are they defined in the classes (parent/child)? Something like:

In the parent table:

Relationship MyChild As ABCCompany.Data.Parents.Kids [ Cardinality = children, Inverse = ParentsInfo ];

and in the child table:

Relationship ParentsInfo As ABCCompany.Data.Parents [ Cardinality = parent, Inverse = MyChild ];

Then, just select from whichever table you need, and join on the relationship field. I typically select from the child table and use the arrow syntax (->) to get the parent data for each entry.