When I try to open a DTL in the tabbed editor I always get this error:

You are using Internet Explorer 7. This version is obsolete and is not compatible with diagram editors. Please update Internet Explorer to a recent version.

My actual Internet Explorer is version 11.

I'm running Eclipse Photon.

  Atelier IDE    1.3.141    com.intersystems.atelier.feature.group    InterSystems Corporation

The same error occurred with Atelier 1.2 on Eclipse Oxygen. I've never been able to get this to work.

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Hi all,

I have an operation which uses the SQL outbound adapter to query a data source set up using a system DSN  on the server which uses the Intersystems ODBC35 driver (this is a cache db hosted elsewhere).

Whenever Ensemble runs the following query:

SELECT lnkdid,
FROM JAC.drug_basic
WHERE c_drugfull LIKE 'Para%'

No data is returned, however running the same query via SQL Server Management Studio, all expected rows are returned.

Also if I run  the following via Ensemble:

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