In the previous article, I have demonstrated a simple way to record data changes. At this time I have changed the "Audit Abstract Class" which is responsible for recording audit data and the data structure where the audit log will be recorded.

I have changed the data structure to a parent and child structure where there will be two tables to record the "transaction" and the "fields its values" changed on that transaction.

Take a look at the new data model:

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Hi Scott,

Here is some code that stores the sizes of all globals for a database, if you create an entry in the task manager to run this code every day, you will see in the global  ^tempSize which globals grow faster than others :

do ##class(Utils.Database).GlobalSize()

(please change the code to store the results in a global that does not exist, or better, in a persistent class)


It's actually a very interesting question, and actually mostly depends on what you really want to achieve.

First of all, you can redefine Dockerfile name in docker-compose.yml

version: '3.7'
      context: .
      dockerfile: Dockerfile.test

or just in docker build

docker build -f Dockerfile.test .


But there is another use case when you would need even different docker-compose.yml files. If you would want to split running like in the production and development environment.

As you might have heard, we just introduced the InterSystems API Manager (IAM); a new feature of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™, enabling you to monitor, control and govern traffic to and from web-based APIs within your IT infrastructure. In case you missed it, here is the link to the announcement.

In this article, I will show you how to set up IAM and highlight some of the many capabilities IAM allows you to leverage.

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Using the CSP Page Statistics

Application Performance Management


A key part of Application Performance Management (APM) is recording the activity and performance of user activity. For many web applications the closest you can get to this is to record the CSP pages or CSP based services being dispatched.

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InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 has been out for a while and I would like to cover some enhancements for handling JSON which might have gone unnoticed. Dealing with JSON as a serialization format is an important part of building modern applications, especially when you interact with REST endpoints.

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This article, and following two articles of the series, is intended as a user guide for developers or system administrators, who need to work with OAuth 2.0 framework (further referred to as OAUTH for simplicity) in their InterSystems product based applications.

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Hi Developers!

Often I find questions on how to install IRIS, connect to IRIS from IDE, setup the environment, compile, debug, maintain the repository.

Here below possibly the shortest way to set up all the environment and start development with ObjectScript on InterSystems IRIS.


Make sure you have Git, Docker, and VSCode installed

Install Docker and ObjectScript extensions into VSCode

Sign in or Create an account on Github

Here we go!

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It's the zero point for MUMPS based languages. It shows that way if your session has no timeout. From James Poitras on why: