If you don't want to deal with Telnet_Service, you could launch the cache terminal as:

Cterm.exe /console=cn_ap:<instanceName> <yourScript.scr> <username> <password>


Iristerm.exe /console=cn_ap:<instanceName> <yourScript.scr> <username> <password>

At the moment I've solved it using console=cn_ap... instead of console=cn_iptcp..

So the code is sth like:

if exist "..\Cterm.exe" ( ..\Cterm.exe /console=cn_ap:[InstanceName] .\asd.scr )

when I was using..

if exist "..\Cterm.exe" ( ..\Cterm.exe /console=cn_ap:[23] .\asd.scr )

Hi Vic, thanks for you previuos answer!

I need to open a cache terminal from a .bat or executable file, but when %Service_Telnet is disabled it is not possible. I am triying to avoid the manual step of openning a manager portal and looking forward finding to another option as do it from cmd.