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I have used this in order to call python code in the server, it calls bcrypt encryption in python.


Is it possible?: Yes
Is it a good idea: No

Proof of concept of bad idea:

Thank you very much Eduard!

The global made it work for the CSP files!

I'm outputting characters from the Rest Service. The locale I'm using is enuw however I tried changing it to espw but it didn't work.


This from System > Configuration > Locale Definitions

A new problem..

In my country we speak in spanish. My developing machine uses windows 8.1

I made a nice looking html mock-up using angular material (in Atom, writing in UTF-8). I just moved that mock-up to the CSP folder inside Ensemble and it shows the typical weird characters of character encoding problems.

I change the names of the files in order to do that, like this:


csp file: